Pre-trained AI Powered Chatbot

Provide your guest with just-in-time information when they need it


Outbound & Inbound Messaging

Contact guests throughout their journey to exceed expectations


Flexible Conversational Commerce

Increase direct bookings, upselling, and promote onsite service


Pre-Filled Knowledge Base

Ready-to-go with information about your property


Guests won't wait. Automate!

Guest Experience Automation™ empowers hotels to react immediately to inbound guest enquiries and provide automated outbound communication at key stages of the guest journey.

  • Hotel chatbot
  • Guest messaging
  • Automated cases
  • Advanced analytics
  • Multilingual
  • AI powered
91 %

of queries come from same 18 questions

50 %

of pre-stay and in-stay messages go unanswered by the hotel

60 %

of queries come from same 8 questions

Proactive & Reactive Communication Platform

What is Guest Experience Automation™?

Manage communication with guests in a flexible and easy way:

  • Inbound reactive communication via pre-trained chatbot for when guests need answers immediately.
  • Automated outbound proactive communication to enable the hotel wants to contact the guests during key stages of the guest journey.
  • Works across all the major messaging services such as WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat and with OTA messaging such as
  • Tools such as cases, workflow, & escalation rules allow you to react and generate the correct response and action
  • Flexible conversational commerce allows you to integrate your booking, restaurant and room service processes.
  • Data & analytics allows you to understand the return of investment of the platform and collect all the guest interactions into one profile.
Why choose us?

Guest Experience Automation™ is more than a chatbot

Enjoy the benefits of a positive network effect for your brand with our platform structure- Each time an individual chatbot in our network learns, the benefits are felt by the whole network.

Since you are hoteliers and not semantics experts, we thought we’d do the training for you. Your bot comes ready-to-go which means you can plug it in and start seeing the ROI from day one.

We scrape existing online information about your hotel from OTAs and GDS and automatically add it to your knowledge base. The control of this information source lies with your brand, fully available to both guests and staff as a central reference point.


Guest Communication Solved

Automate both reactive (inbound) and proactive (outbound) communication.


Automation as a Platform

Allows us to create a positive network effect for your benefit.


Pre-Trained Bot

You are hoteliers not semantics and syntax experts.


Pre-Filled Knowledge Base

We already have a lot of your hotel information ready to go.

Contract Guest Experience Automation™ for 2021

Get this year completely free!

Save up to 1,800€ for each property.
Available for the first 500 ReviewPro clients and the first 100 non-ReviewPro subject to conditions.
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