Contract Guest Experience Automation for 2021

Get this year completely free!

Free for this year based on the following conditions:

  • Sign contract for the rest of this year, the contract will be month to month and can be cancelled anytime up until 31st December 2020
  • The use of the product is free within the message limit usage, going over these limits may be charged
  • Some messaging providers charge for use of their API and sending messages, the launch offer does not cover these costs if you wish to use them (not compulsory)
  • You can cancel the product anytime up until 31st December 2020

To qualify for the launch offer we ask you to:

  • Provide a 30 seconds video testimonial by September 30th
  • Add the chatbot to your website and rollout out to at least 25% of your portfolio.
  • Promote the messaging landing pages on KeyCard or within the KeyCard wallets
  • Clients who have not activated the functionality will be turned off.

Offer ends with the first 500 hotels or on the 30th September 2020, whichever comes first.

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